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Beth Richardson




Visit Fergus Falls is excited to share the news of Beth Richardson, the Consul of Canada in Minneapolis, visiting Fergus Falls, Minnesota. This visit will be an excellent opportunity to discuss economic options and build partnerships between Canada and the Upper Midwest and Great Plains regions.

Center For The Arts

Center For The Arts


Beth Richardson is a seasoned professional appointed Consul General of Canada in Minneapolis in August 2023. Her team of 17 consulate staff works tirelessly to strengthen trade and economic ties, reinforce security alliances, and enhance political, academic, and cultural links between Canada and the United States. Beth is also an avid photographer, and she loves the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes and wild places of the Upper Midwest, and cannot wait to go exploring to discover all the great treasures in this region.


Newberry & Verch

Newberry & Verch



During her visit to Fergus Falls, Beth will attend a full-length concert at the Fergus Falls Center for the Arts.

The concert will feature award-winning fiddle player April Verch and Joe Newberry, who will perform a breathtaking show. The Center for the Arts invited Senator Rasmussen, Representative Fishbach, and Governor Waltz.

This event is an excellent opportunity to display the rich cultural heritage of Fergus Falls and the Upper Midwest region. It also provides business, government, and civic leaders a unique chance to discuss economic growth and foster resilient partnerships.


Beth Richardson is eager to work with everyone involved to build a brighter future for Canada and the United States. This visit will strengthen the already robust relationship between our two countries.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and I hope to see you all at the concert.

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