Unique Landmark

The Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center (RTC) Complex is a unique landmark of Fergus Falls. It served for many years as a state hospital for patients with mental illness, developmental disabilities or chemical dependency. At one time the institution housed 2,000 patients.

In the decades following its opening on July 31, 1890, the State Hospital dominated the cultural and economic landscape of the area. The building was designed as a single unit and followed the architectural concepts of Dr. Thomas Kirkbride, a 19th-century Pennsylvania physician and pioneer in the mental health field. This complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. It closed in 2005.

Tours of the inside of the facility are not available. However, the grounds are public property, and we invite visitors to walk around the beautiful campus. The local museum occasionally provides outdoor walking tours during the summer.

Kirkbride Building Fergus Falls Cquare