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Welcome to the Visit Fergus Falls blog!

This is your one-stop shop for all things Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Whether you're a local looking for new things to do or a visitor planning your next trip, we've got you covered.

On our blog, you'll find hidden gems, places to stay, thriving businesses, and lots of fun facts and information about our beautiful area. We'll also share stories from the people who make Fergus Falls unique.

Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature, food, or shopping, we have something for everyone. So start exploring today!

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to find on our blog:

  • Hidden Gems: We'll introduce you to some lesser-known but equally impressive places in Fergus Falls. From charming shops and restaurants to parks and trails, we'll help you discover all our city offers.
  • Places to stay: We'll highlight the best places to stay in Fergus Falls, from budget-friendly motels to great hotels and resorts. We'll also share tips on finding the perfect place to stay for your needs and budget.
  • Thriving businesses: We'll celebrate the many successful businesses in Fergus Falls. From locally-owned shops and restaurants to national chains, we'll highlight the companies that make our community special.
  • Fun facts and information: We'll share exciting facts about Fergus Falls, from its history to its culture. We'll also give you tips on planning your trip and making the most of your time in our city.
  • Stories from the people who make Fergus Falls unique: We'll share stories from the people who make Fergus Falls such a great place to live, work, and visit. From local artists and entrepreneurs to community leaders and volunteers, we'll highlight the people who make our city unique.

So, whether you're a local or a visitor, we invite you to explore our blog and discover all that Fergus Falls offers. We hope you enjoy your journey!

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