Maya And Imran

Maya and Imran, the owners of Hotel 8 and Fergus Inn, bring a breath of fresh air to Fergus Falls with their welcoming atmosphere and commitment to the community. They recently acquired the Fergus Inn, adding to their portfolio, and are passionate about creating a positive experience for Fergus Falls visitors. Let's dive into their journey and vision for the future!

Why Fergus Falls?

We sat down with Maya and Imran to learn what initially drew them to Fergus Falls and Hotel 8.

"We were looking for a small town where we could settle down and contribute to the community," explained Maya. Fergus Falls, with its population of 15,000 and all the major stores like Walmart, seemed like a perfect fit. "The abundance of lakes and outdoor activities in the area was another big draw," added Imran.

Hotel 8

Creating a Welcoming Experience

"When we purchased Hotel 8, it was in rough condition," said Maya. Their top priority was to make the hotel feel homier and cleaner. "We immediately remodeled the lobby, painted, installed a new breakfast bar, and replaced the carpeting with flooring," explained Imran. They also boldly decided to allow pets, which attracted many guests. With a focus on clean, comfortable rooms and a welcoming staff, Maya and Imran have transformed the guest experience at Hotel 8.

"The Fergus Inn will undergo similar renovations, but on a larger scale due to its size," explained Maya. They plan to modernize the property with new paint, flooring, and furniture. "We see an opportunity to address the housing shortage in Fergus Falls by offering some units with kitchenettes," said Imran. These units would cater to short-term workforce stays and those transitioning to permanent housing.


Finding Community

As newcomers, Maya and Imran have embraced the Fergus Falls community:

"We've found the Fergus Falls business community to be incredibly welcoming and supportive," said Maya. They've gotten involved through organizations like the Visit Fergus Falls board and the Chamber of Commerce, and they sponsor local events. "We appreciate the sense of people working together to grow the community," added Imran.

Transitioning to Hospitality

We then heard about their reasons for entering the hospitality industry and the challenges and rewards they've encountered:

"Imran's family background in hospitality inspired us to make the switch from sales," explained Maya. They were tired of the sales industry's long hours and demanding pace and yearned for a more creative and fulfilling career path. Owning hotels allowed them to be their own bosses and design their work environment.

"Finding labor was a significant initial hurdle," admitted Imran. Maya also mentioned the challenge of overcoming the previous reputation of Hotel 8. However, they have found immense satisfaction in seeing their hard work pay off with positive reviews and a thriving business. They credit their success to their sales backgrounds, which honed their customer service skills.

Looking to the Future

Maya and Imran shared their plans for both hotels and how they see themselves contributing to Fergus Falls' growth:

"The renovations at Hotel 8 are nearing completion, with plans to paint the hallways and upgrade the furniture in all rooms," explained Maya. They also plan to improve the back lot with picnic tables and enhance the parking lot.

"The Fergus Inn's potential is exciting," said Imran. The Fergus Inn will receive a facelift with new paint and potentially new furniture in the next two years.



Recommendations for Visitors

If you're coming to Fergus Falls for the first time, Maya and Imran have some recommendations:

"Take advantage of the many lakes in the area, particularly Eagle Lake, a favorite for its beauty and tranquility," suggested Maya. They recommend kayaking, fishing, and exploring the trails at The Prairie Wetlands. Fergus Falls' central location makes it a great home base for exploring parks and outdoor activities in the surrounding area.

"Enjoy the unique shops and restaurants that Fergus Falls has to offer, like Uncle Eddie's ice cream, a local favorite," added Imran.

Final Thoughts

We concluded by asking Maya and Imran for advice they would give to their past selves when starting their Fergus Falls adventure:

"We would advise ourselves to enjoy the process more and take time to explore the area," said Maya. This would allow them to connect better with guests and offer valuable insights. "Staying flexible and adapting to the unexpected turns that come with any new venture is also important," added Imran.