Outdoor Recreation

Winter has given way to green grass, open water and warm days. Enjoy biking, walking, boating, fishing, golfing or geocaching. The beauty of our distinct seasons means there is no good excuse for staying indoors when you could be outside.


Biking, Walking...Enjoy the Trails
Exercise and beautiful scenery are motivators enough to get you on the move during your Fergus Falls visit. Be active - and YOU set the pace - walking, biking, hiking - you are sure to find an activity that will peak your interest. Read More Here


City Parks
Fergus Falls offers many unique and wonderful recreation opportunities. With 500 acres of green space the City offers both passive and active facilities. More on City Parks

Area golf courses provide plenty of holes for visitors from all over the state - no waiting for tee times and reasonable green fees. Ten golf courses in the area each offer their own unique setting and challenges.

More on Golf around FF


Hunting and Fishing
Our many lakes, prairie and forested lands make Otter Tail County popular and plentiful for hunting and fishing. Read More Here


Red Horse Ranch Arena
Read More Here A horse lover dream! Read More Here


Prairie Wetlands Learning Center
Located at the gateway to the Prairie Pothole Region, the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center is the first and only residential environmental education facility operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Read More Here


Pine to Prairie Birding Trail
Experience the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail. From Fergus Falls to Warroad, you're sure to see species unique to our area. Read More Here


Otter Trail Scenic Byway
Another popular trail route Fergus Falls is part of is the Otter Trail Scenic Byway.  This 150 mile "loop" features an area rich in tradition and beauty ­ from more than 1,000 lakes and wildlife-filled wetlands to 19th century flour mills and spectacular roadside scenery. Read More Here