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Winter - She is Unpredictably Predictable

Winter. There’s almost nothing we can count on with her. Early, late; Cold, mild; Snowy, not. But when it’s Minnesota there’s one thing we can count on, the need to stay active and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Fresh air, sunshine (albeit shorter days), exercise and entertainment are ingredients for good health and happiness.

I remember my first pair of cross-country skis. They were wooden and handed down in our family. I loved the golden-honey color of the grain and thought it was pretty great that my skis had character. Then on a ski trip in high school I fell down a hill (I’m sure it seemed bigger than it was) and the front of one ski broke clear off. Where the tip should have been was an angry, splintered mess that would clearly NOT get me back to the chalet. So I walked and carried my skis in. It was a gorgeous day, I was with friends in a beautiful part of Minnesota (and I wasn’t hurt in my fall). Today my skis are fiberglass and winter coats aren’t so bulky. But with all the other ingredients intact, cross-country skiing is still one of my favorite outdoor winter activities. Spidahl’s Skigaard is a beautiful place for that.

In Fergus Falls we are readying for Frostbite Festival  January 30-February 1st. Some of the activities are outdoors – skating, hockey, broomball and ice-fishing. But sprinkle a few indoor activities throughout the weekend – Corporate Cup, Family Fun Night, Dart Tournament, Bowling and Texas Hold’em – and you’ve got the makings for a fun-filled, action-packed great winter weekend. And when I settle in to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday night, I’ll be cheering for the Packers – Wisconsin is in my blood!